Kristof Georgen

60 SECONDS EACH, vinyl - a collaborative sound art projcect: 32 artists / 32 tracks / 32 minutes of listening.


Kristof Georgen gets to the bottom of our cultural imprints and practices by means of sound, language and image. Initially active as a musician, he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. Kristof Georgen has been expanding his aesthetic reflection and shaping of “resonant material” since the late 1990s. On the basis of everyday noises and natural ‘sound materials’ the artist develops thematic and site-specific acoustic sculptures and audio-spaces which reflect the complex sound reality in everyday life. Kristof Georgen works with documentary recordings which he analyses, reconstructs and presents as installations in the context of public spaces or institutions. In terms of what sculpture can achieve today, his soundworks mark a limit to and at the same time an expansion of the concept of sculpture. By acoustically communicating felt physical presence Kristof Georgen not only makes us aware of a more conscious perception of the body and site-specific sounds, he also sensitises our sense of hearing anew.